Research Centers & Institutes

A student measures a volunteer subject's brain waves, as a professor looks on.

Research Centers & Institutes

A Mission of Exploration

The wide range of Rowan’s research centers and institutes reflect both our commitment to scientific study in an array of professional fields, as well as our commitment to improving the quality of life of those around us. Faculty and students work side by side, entering into regional, national, and international collaborations, to conduct research. These side by side partnerships emphasize teaching, scientific study, scholarship, creative activity and community service.

Geospatial Research Lab

Four students conduct geospatial research using equipment and a laptop.

The GeoLab conducts research on a myriad of geospatial topics, primarily land use development patterns, impervious surface trading, watershed quality analysis and interactive web-based mapping.

Rowan Astronomical Observatory

A student observes the night sky using a large telescope.

The Rowan Astronomical Observatory (RAO) is dedicated to the exploration of our universe by faculty, students and the neighboring community.

CARES Institute

Yellow box with brown letters that reads Rowan University CARES Institute, Child Abuse Research Education and Service.

The Child Abuse Research Education and Service (CARES) Institute provides medical and mental health services to meet the diagnostic and therapeutic needs of abused children and families.

Center for Behavior Analysis

A professor writes notes while observing a counselor and child therapy session

The Center for Behavior Analysis, Research & Services promotes the science of applied behavior analysis through education, research and service.

New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging

A yellow box with brown letters, Rowan University NJISA, New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging.

The New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging provides medical care in varied settings and offers training for health professionals in multiple disciplines. 

The Cave (Virtual Reality Lab)

A student wearing special glasses and gloves interacts with a virtual reality medical scan of a human body.

From CAVE® systems to desktop to mobile, Rowan University's Virtual Reality Lab creates applications for clients in a variety of key industries using advanced modeling and simulation capabilities.

The NeuroMusculoskeletal Institute (NMI)

A yellow box with brown letters, Rowan University NMI, NeruoMusculoskeletal Institute.

The NeuroMusculoskeletal Institute offers services to target diseases affecting the neuromuscular system. The comprehensive pain center evaluates and treats both acute and chronic pain.

Cell and Molecular Biology Research Labs

Male student looking into microscope with image results showing on a computer monitor to his left

RowanGSBS develops well-trained, enthusiastic research scientists who are equipped to address critical deficits in our knowledge of the biomedical sciences, specializing in cell and molecular biology research.

Rowan University CREATEs

The mission of CREATEs is to conduct cutting edge, applied, and readily implementable research in transportation engineering.