Rowan Select FAQ's


Rowan Select FAQ's

Rowan Select Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rowan Select program?

The Rowan Select program is designed to provide structured support as you enter Rowan University and give you a jump-start on your college career. The program will prepare you to join the Rowan family through assisting you with the college transition process. Students will take a mandatory 2-credit summer course, Rowan 101: College Success, beginning at orientation in July and continued online at home. After completion of the summer course, Rowan Select students will be full-time students in the fall 2017 semester, enrolling in 12-15 credits. These courses will include three classes with other Rowan Select students as well as one or two additional courses offered at Rowan University. You will work with an advisor in the University Advising Center to finalize your fall schedule.

How did I get selected for Rowan Select?

Students in the Rowan Select program were selected based on their academic potential and unique qualities that make them a right fit for Rowan University. This selective program will provide you the opportunity to pursue your studies and college experience at Rowan University while providing additional individual attention and support in your first year.

How long will I be considered a Rowan Select student?

Students are considered a part of the Rowan Select program from the summer 2017 semester through the conclusion of their freshman year spring semester, Summer 2017-Spring 2018.

What is the Exploratory Studies program?

The Exploratory Studies program supports students before they declare a major. You will have ready access to information and services to help you learn more about majors, careers, and yourself, so that when you do declare a major, it’s more likely to be the best fit for you. More information is available here:

Will I be able to receive financial aid?

Yes, Rowan Select students are enrolled full-time, allowing them to receive financial aid. Students will pay regular tuition rates for fall and spring semester.

Will I be able to participate in all aspects of Rowan University as a Rowan Select student?

Rowan encourages all students to participate in extracurricular activities, such as clubs or sports. Rowan Select students will have access to all aspects of campus life including the recreation center, housing, dining, student government, athletics and student activities.

Do I need to take a placement test?

All entering students, including those in Rowan Select, are required to take appropriate placement tests. Students whose scores indicate that stronger skills are needed for college success will be placed into basic skills courses in reading, math, and writing according to Rowan’s basic skills placement policy.

Who will be my advisor in the Rowan Select program?

Rowan Select students will work with a professional advisor in the University Advising Center to finalize their fall 2017 schedules, select their coursework for the spring 2018 semester, and anytime they can benefit from academic advising and major exploration services.

Can you tell me more about the mandatory summer course?

The mandatory summer course is a hybrid course, including both a face to face and online components. Students will begin the course on Rowan’s campus during an extended orientation session in July, and then complete the course online at home. This will require Rowan Select students to stay one additional day at their freshman orientation to work with course instructor and their classmates. The course, Rowan 101: College Success, will include many topics such as academic skills, identity and diversity, academic integrity, and financial literacy. Students will attend Orientation July 5-6, then stay until July 7 to begin coursework. Students will earn 2 college credits for completing the course.

How much does the mandatory summer course cost?

Rowan Select students will receive a special Rowan Select scholarship, providing the summer course and all necessary materials to students at no cost. Students pay only the normal $215 Orientation fee, the same as any other freshman.

Do I only take courses with other Rowan Select students?

During the fall 2017 semester, three of your courses will be taken with other Rowan Select students. These courses will include a math, a writing, and a humanities/social science class. Additional courses for the fall 2017 semester will be chosen by the student and advisor and will be taken with the general Rowan University student population. Students will enroll in a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 15 credits during the fall semester.

When can I declare a major?

Students will work with their advisor to begin the process of selecting a major during the fall 2017 semester. At the beginning of the spring 2018 semester, Rowan Select students will be able to declare any major for which they qualify, or may choose to remain in the Exploratory Studies program for up to 60 credits.

Can I live on campus?

Yes, students who enroll in the Rowan Select program will have the same opportunity to apply for University Housing as the general Rowan student population.