Communication Studies

Communication Studies

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Communication allows people to form and share ideas, build relationships and forge experience with others. Our Communication Studies program explores this central and complex part of the human condition. As a communication studies student you will engage in demanding, rewarding examinations of two central elements of communication: relationships and messages. And, you'll develop key skills employers seek most often – the ability to think, speak and write clearly. The Communication Studies major offers flexibility in the topics of study, an approach well suited to students with wide-ranging interests and abilities. Students take a series of core courses to build a foundation in theory, research, and application and then choose a specialization: Rhetoric and Cultural Criticism or Interpersonal/Organizational Communication. Students are encouraged to complete an internship outside the university, but may also conduct a research practicum, working one-on-one with a professor.



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Images Of Gender In Popular Culture
Participatory Media
International Media Communication
Mass Media And Their Influences



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