Honors Program

A group of honors students pose together in the woods during a field trip.

Honors Program

A Curriculum of Honors

The Thomas N. Bantivoglio Honors Concentration at Rowan University

For students who are looking for an enhanced learning experience, the Thomas N. Bantivoglio Honors Concentration at Rowan provides the extras to leverage already excellent educational programs into a superior foundation for graduate school or employment (see page 92 of Is College Still Worth the Price?)  The Honors Concentration emphasizes challenging coursework for high achieving and intellectually curious students taught by Rowan's top faculty from different disciplines in every College in the University. Open to talented students in every major and college, this eight (8) course program features active learning opportunities, including:

  • Unique and interdisciplinary class offerings
  • Enhanced and advanced discipline-specific class offerings
  • Small interactive classes
  • Educational extra-curricular activities, including joint student-faculty research, field trips and invited speakers
  • Attendance at conferences
  • Funding for study abroad

Through these enhanced educational experiences, students become accomplished independent thinkers, researchers and leaders prepared for successful graduate study or professional careers and contributing members of their communities. Interested? Please visit the Rowan University Honors Program site.

The Bantivoglio Honors Concentration is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council