Athletics & Sports Recreation

Athletics & Sports Recreation

Rowan University NCAA Programs

Go Profs! With our mascot Whoo RU and fellow Profs cheering on, students participate in more than a dozen collegiate, club and intramural sports. We welcome all students, no matter what the motivation or level of experience.

Intramural Sports

You don’t have to be an athlete to play; these recreational activities are for everyone. We offer a variety of activities including individual sports, dual sports, and team sports for male, female, and co-rec participants.

Sport Clubs

Rowan University's Sport Club Program is dedicated to enriching the educational experience by providing safe opportunities to students for engagement in a variety of physical, sport activities across a broad range of skill levels and experiences.

Athletic Facilities

A $4.2 million renovation and expansion of the John Green Team House and Esbjornson Gymnasium, completed in 2013, offers student-athletes first class facilities. The Rowan community cheers on teams at Richard Wackar Stadium.

Rowan Rec Center

Located in the heart of our Glassboro campus, the Rec Center is a 92,000-square-foot health club open year-round. The Rec Center also offers recreational activities, fitness programs, intramural sports and instructional classes.