Affiliated Health Professions

Affiliated Health Professions

The Office of Health Professions is responsible for providing students with the appropriate information and resources to become competitive, well-rounded applicants for one of the various health professional programs. The Office of Health Professions conduct individual and group advising, interactive workshops, and other activities to inform students of their professional school options. Looking for more information?


The Department of Nursing at Rowan University promotes excellence in Healthcare through quality and the innovative education of nurses. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education by combining liberal education with professional preparation towards the baccalaureate degree.


The objectives of the Psychology Department are to provide its students with the opportunity to appreciate psychology as both a liberal academic science and as an applied art, to fulfill their professional ambitions, to develop integrity, and to understand and appreciate diversity and multiculturalism.


Bioinformatics is a set of methods that can take all that biological data and use computers to extract out the really interesting findings. Bioinformaticians study human diseases, find new, more powerful drugs, and unlock the secrets of the biology of many different organisms.