Health & Medicine

A group of 10 young, new doctors stand together wearing white doctor lab coats.

Health & Medicine

Healthcare for Tomorrow

Rowan co-founded Cooper Medical School of Rowan University with Cooper University Health Care, welcoming the medical school’s inaugural class in summer 2012. On July 1, 2013, Rowan became one of only two universities in the nation to offer both M.D. and D.O. degree-granting programs with the addition of the Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford, NJ (formerly the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey) and its clinical offices across NJ. The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in Stratford, which grants the Ph.D. and offers a number of master’s and dual-degree programs, is now also part of Rowan.

Rowan also offers courses for working and aspiring nurses through its Department of Nursing, an academic department in the School of Health Professions that collaborates with Rowan Global Learning & Partnerships to deliver nursing programs online and in face-to-face classes and labs.

This growth has propelled Rowan to become a stronger educational leader, poised to impact the healthcare landscape of both our region and across the nation.

Medical Education

Rows of new physicians take the Hippocratic Oath to uphold ethical standards of their profession.

Just one of two universities in the country to offer both M.D.- and D.O.-granting medical programs, we provide a humanistic education in the art and science of medicine.

Patient Care

A middle-aged male doctor reviews a patient chart with three young doctors.

We believe patient-focused healthcare starts with a scientific and scholarly community in which inclusivity, innovative teaching, research and service to our community are valued. 

Medical School Admissions

A small group of Rowan medical students wearing white coats talk together.

Just one of two universities in the country to offer both M.D.- and D.O.-granting medical programs, we provide a humanistic education in the art and science of medicine.

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

An artist's rendering of the Cooper Medical School of Rowan brick building.

Explore our curriculum, new Medical Education Building, unique Advisory Colleges and the many opportunities for our students to work with patients beginning in their first weeks of medical school.

Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine

A row of young medical students stand together during a ceremony, wearing white coats.

RowanSOM welcomes students eager to study the latest knowledge in research and the basic sciences. The curriculum prepares them for clinical studies and stresses lifelong and self-directed learning.

Affiliated Health Professions

A physical therapist guides a student on how to position a young female athlete on a therapeutic stability ball.

Our programs incorporate hands-on experiences to enrich student understanding of disciplines such as nursing, psychology and bioinformatics in the ever-expanding field of health and medicine. 

College of Health Sciences

A female student studies liquid in a medicine dropper hovered over a beaker filled with liquid.

Anchored by Cooper Medical School at Rowan University in Camden, our College of Health Sciences educates health science professionals.

School of Health Professions

Female student wearing goggles peers into a microscope and points to computer screen, while two male students look on.

We prepare students to become highly qualified health professionals and help provide a clear path into graduate level programs.

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Two students use technology to simulate a medical procedure, as a professor guides and students look on.

We seek to develop scientists to explore current research topics and contribute new knowledge in the biomedical disciplines through creative research and scholarship.